My New Born!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do or Die.”

This is about “Mowgly” my new born….. not Mowgly from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book but a boy cat that adopted me. This emaciated, beautiful blue-eyed bundle of joy, with just a worn out flea collar around his neck, came into my life on my birthday morning about four months ago, when I was going through a bad phase. Yet I went through all the formalities I would like others to do if they found my pet.  I had the vet scan for a non-existent microchip, posted the Found Pet poster with his picture all over the neighborhood, downloaded and posted on the “Next door” neighbor app, all in vain, while nursing emaciated Mowgly into a healthy wild boy he is today.

Mowgly Before!
Mowgly Now!

As Mowgly kept regaining strength, eating voraciously, he would venture the neighborhood little by little but gradually increased his territory even more since he disappeared more than a night. Over time due to some injuries from a bad cat fight and vet’s advice, I restrained his nights out to indoors but he takes off after his first feed in the morning. This wild boy shows up at my doorstep on and off through the day but almost always at bedtime and it gives me great joy to welcome him back, feed, wipe, cuddle, play and tuck him in….in that order. I wish I knew where he went when he’s not with me or around the house, I wish I knew if I were sharing him with some other person in the area but most of all I wish he were mine because right now I cannot “Do” without him.


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